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THE 350 VR4


Attention racers, we have a secret weapon for 2008.



A brand new concept for drag racing that will handle 2000 hp. You thought that the 2 speed power glide was the hot set up for your race car. We have new transmission technology that keeps on multiplying torque, where the power glide goes to sleep. We guarantee you will be ahead of the competition with this brand new 350 VR4 racing transmission, (with or without lockup converter). We have taken the turbo 350 Trans, kept the pump and stator assembly, valve body and case and have thrown the rest away. We have designed a 3 speed Trans with optional converter lockup, with all the components turning forward that will handle 2000 hp. We guarantee that it will out run your power glide race Trans. It features a 4 pinion light weight planetary assembly, 7 clutches’, 5.2” diameter for second and third gear, with twice the applied piston area as a power glide. A 1.185” input shaft. Turbo 350 or 400 output shaft, manual reverse pro tree valve body, with or with out lock up converter, makes this transmission design way ahead of the competition. This transmission can be purchased with the original Olds or Chevy bell housing, or with an optional SFI Chevy, Ford or Chrysler bell housing. It is the same length as the power glide.


1st gear- 1.80 to 1

2nd gear 1.32 to 1
3rd gear 1to1
4th gear optional lockup converter
Order yours today; get the jump on the completion.
Transmissions start at:    
OEM case Chevy or Oldsmobile non lockup $4,495.00 USD  
SFI Chevy/Olds, Ford, Chrysler bell housing $4,995/00 USD  
Transmission with 7/8/9/10” lockup converter $7,995.00 USD  

350 VR4 with new case and bell housing

$5,995.00 USD  

Why pay $3000 for a 2 speed power glide race trans, that goes to sleep at 300 feet down the race track, when you can have a 3speed 350 VR4 for $4495.00USD that will multiply torque to the 600 foot mark, that will lower your ET by at least a 10th to a 10th and a half and increase your speed by 3 to 5 MPH.








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